Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Music :)

Have been YouTube browsing and spending far to much time NOT doing my summer homework...but thats besides the point.

I love these new artists:

Janelle Monae, basically, I think she is what would have happened if Lady Gaga had a love child with Michael Jackson. No joke, she moon walks in her video Many Moons but its set in a world several years from today! I love her amazing hair and androgynous style :).

Marina and the Diamonds, which evidently there is no "Diamonds" part. Marina Diamandis is actually a solo band member, but DANG can she sing! Her vocal reaches are so wide it keeps you guessing on where she'll go with a song. Her video Hollywood is fantastic and here is a video of her singing StarStruck by 3oh!3. Her style is amazing and I am planning on buying her album once I get paid....

Frivolous :)

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