Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you wanna be my Teenage Dream?

Been listening to this song since it came out as a single! I love the song but I actually don't know about the video...

The guy is hot but they really have no connection...though I like Katy's fresh faced make up. I saw somewhere that Native American accessories are hot right now. I can see that in this video and I need to find something to add to my wardrobe like that! I saw a girl with feather earrings at a Romeo and Juliet play that I went to...maybe I will find some of those.

So thats wasup! Be sure to click on the poppy thing if you haven't [<--------poppy thing that way] my hash tag is: #frivolousidentity and you can click on the poppy's for it to work!

So later alligators, Frivolous

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