Sunday, August 15, 2010

I can die happy!!!

Or maybe I have died and this is what heaven looks like...

My super crazy i-will-jump-off-a-cliff-for-this-magazine is the Vogue Paris Collections Magazine Issue 10 with fall/winter 2010. Hundreds of designers! (most of which I am barely familiar with). It has no price tag on it so my dad agreed to buy it for me with out knowing the price tag. Well, nothing is ever cheap in this delicious world of fashion. And this sumptuous magazine cost the dastardly price of $40.

Maybe that's not a lot to people that have their own job, but my money is rather limited.

Lucky for me I'm still a daddy's girl!

My favourite collections so far are Roberto Cavalli, Dsquared, Louis Vuttoin, Balmain, Chanel [of course], Dior, and Emanuel Ungaro. Amongst many many others!

I am so lucky to have this magazine! Frivolous xx


  1. Nice!! I dont have the issue but it figures that Cavalli's would be good! I absolutely LOVE his designs.

    Jo @ Sun Kissed


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