Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yeah thats whats up! My watch broke so now it has blue electrical tape holding it together. Ingenious? I think yes!Taylor loves my lip color and I actually bought it for her but then I was a really bad friend and kept it...But the real difference here?

That would be my hair! Do YOU like it? Hate it? Want to make sweet love to it?

[I am in such a weird mood right now. No joke, I stayed up waay to late last night. Have you ever been to a party that you know only one person, and the rest of the people all have better things to talk about to each other then to you? Yeah totally went to one of those last night. It was trippeeeyy....for every one else...]

I got nothing else for you, sucks I know. I should just be online all the time so all those people that look at this blog actually have a reason TO COMMMENT and aren't buttmunches for just looking and not SAYING anything. Because honestly you know you love me. Do the math: one plus one equals I'm the best!

[a very excitable] Frivolous. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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  1. What did you do to your hair? I liked the dirty blond!


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