Thursday, November 25, 2010


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I am little bit in love with those boots. Oh wait correction. A LOT a bit in love. And the pink hair! I feel like that should be my next big adventure in hair color. I love the look its super girly but in a way that totally smacks those reallly girly girls in the face. "Yeah. You like pink? I dyed my hair pink! Beat that!"

I know it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving but I'm in such a pink mood I had to find a cupcake picture. Can you see this color in hair? I think its amazing. Not that I want frosting in my hair that would be a step to far...

Now I really want cupcakes. Need to go find my mom so she can get me some...
Frivolous :)

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  1. i love cupcakes and love pink<3 greta photos :)

    check out my blog when you get time for my shoes recommendation and stuffs! thanks



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