Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pirate Attack!

Yay! First street style photo!

Now I don't know if you're aware but Seattle is busting with hipsters.

But I don't live in Seattle.

I live in a little town that's full of old people near Seattle.

But back to this darling!

She's so cute!

I love the John Galliano-esque feel.

I dunno if she meant it that way.

But I love it!


  1. awesome, she looks super rad. yeah i heard about seattle being hipstamatic! but its really not as bad as fan fran or portland..portland being the mother of all hipster places ... probablyyy well probably not as bad as Berlin or london :P


  2. haha nice to hear from you!

    yes it seems the hipster movement has come out of a lot of really awesome cities, the combination would be super crazy!


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