Monday, September 12, 2011

Fangs are a must.

Hey everyone! I just watched basically all of the second Vampire Diaries this past week. Just finished it last night. To say the least I am pretty much hooked on everything to do with this show.

Silly weakness, vampires, I know. But its got to be one of my favorite shows. [I swear I have been dreaming about having hot vampire sex with Ian Somerhalder.] Sure, its smush but its really good smush with a kick ass amount of amazing clothes. If I had a dollar for every stellar motorcycle jacket that is worn in this last season I'd rolling in dough, as they say.

But I'm super pumped! The new season is coming out and I will not miss a thing! Two thumbs up for vampires.

Please, no one likes Twilight anymore, that is just to mainstream!

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