Wednesday, April 7, 2010


HEY world!!!!! I attempted a blog and realised it was boring-er then my diary. (which is actually a pretty good read according to my mother) so I decided to redecorate! :) I'm liking these changes: bigger, Bolder, MORE ATTENTION GRABBING.

Kinda like implants...(oh no she didnt!)

What is the world of a high school sophomore other then drugs and sex? I dont know but somebody NEEDS to tell my English teacher....can you have a middle life crisis in your 50's?

My (sort of) friend keeps causing drahma! (thats how I spell it get over it) She hid under a desk so her (WHIPPED ALERT!) boyfriend wouldnt see her eating a snickers bar...if only I could faint right now....

I totally told myself I'd be on for only 5 minutes but its uhhh been more like time to say nighty night and hopefully NOT see you in the morning :)

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