Friday, April 9, 2010

My pop is on the other side of the room....


That was most definitely not excited enough, lets try this again.


Yes. I am that excited for the end of this week, exited like a crocodile with a fluffy heron (though I'm not planning on eating heron...) SO HAPPY :)

But I'm not doing ANYTHING this weekend. SO boring. I'm like that creeper loner in the corner who ends up shooting everybody in a desperate moment cause I just cant take it anymore! D:!!!!

just kidding.....

I'd rather we had another Spring Break next week then have to go to school. Cause next week for me looks like God took a big poopie on it! I have this huge test, grades are due, and its HELL week. The phrase "F. my life" took on a whole new meaning.

I swear I have chronic laziness! I didn't do any homework this week cause I claim I'm depressed. (Hey I'm a teenager deal with it. At least I'm not Lindsey Lohan!)

I hate musicals.

I hate freshman.

I hate....hating things....

Meh. I'm going to now walk over and get my soda!


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