Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh my rabid emotions what did i do to YOU???

"It's my fashion party, and I'll trend if I want to!"

Quote from Blogger
"Chi-Chi" which I thought was hilarious!

I hate verbs in French they are tiring and they shouldn't have to change Every. Single. TIME. *stabbing motion at heart.*

Wasup with the camel coat trend? Its a little odd but cute if done right. I like the Stella McCartney version...

I'm really spazzy today! :) Have you ever had those days when you [responsibly] put your laundry in the washer but then walk away cause your pretty sure that you left your soda upstairs, then an hour later you realise you never started the wash? Yeah that's my day! But it feels pretty dang awesome!

I'm thinking that if anyone reads this blog they'll be getting whiplash about now. Hehe rollercoaster ride!!!! Whats you favorite? Mines space mountain in Disneyland, dark and fast and scary...ish.

I feel like I should start having mimed interviews. I wonder what the Mad Hatter would do if he was interviewed? Or Watson in Sherlock Holmes? Or the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet? I think I can see a very interesting plan forming here...but since these characters aren't technically substantial, people would just have to take on faith that the words written are what the characters would say... :/

Quote from my favorite singer La Roux's song Tigerlily:

"I can see you burning with desire for a kiss
Psychobabble all upon your lips" Frivolous

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