Monday, April 12, 2010

Sleepy in Seattle X) and other tales.

Tech week. AKA Hell week. I'm not going to survive, I can already foresee upcoming death and destruction. If I have to argue again with a stupid Senior about "where the teen girls go" or "whose line it is" I am going to scream. LOUD AND LONG. SO EVEY ONE CAN HEAR ME.

The musical of Bye Bye Birdie should go find a newly dug grave and die in it. Preferably NOW.

I have 3 weeks left of production. 3 WEEKS. I have to deal with these people for THREE MORE WEEKS. The agony is killing me, its got to be as nearly as painful as shoving 3 inch nails into your eyes since thats what I feel like doing right now. >.<
But one plus! One amazing sweet talking cutie of a plus. My boyfriend is there everyday now. But if I regal you with stories of my love life someone will find me in my bed and strangle me. [ I actually would thank you! At least I'd be out of the musical!]
pics I <3

P.S. I don't usually think about death so often. But this stage of my life is an exception.

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