Sunday, April 25, 2010

So basically a lot of "what the fuckery" is going on!

So I'm going to continue my speel from the last post with added segments..cause I'm at loss for what else to do. [boring life of a teenage actress, I know]

After the play was over Play Pro mobbed our old drama teacher [Mr. Pozzi] and basically screamed super loud and started a crazy applause :))))). This old guy has to be one of the coolest people on earth, true, he wasn't my favorite last year but now I just want him back 'cause I'm tired of being yelled at by Mr. Blue! If I ever become an author those two will be characters I use. Pozzi tended to be scary in an aggressive friendliness, not kidding! He made a kid cry when he was pretending to be a lion [she was 6..] on the other hand theres Blue...hes a control freak who won't admit his own mistakes and is insecure with his homosexuality...[its best not to ask]. Now if I continue this stream of slander I might get in some serious trouble so I'll just stop right now....

Finally, my YouTube works! I downloaded Google Chrome and it fixed the problem :)! Lets just hope my computer doesn't blow up...

Some good music :) Frivolous

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