Sunday, April 25, 2010

Backstage CRAZINESSS!!!

There must be a god.

The musical my school is performing is so much better then what I expected! BY FAR!!! Its a lot of fun actually. We've been working really hard to get it to go smoothly and so far its been that way. Not saying EVERYTHING went well but still its been hella fun.

Some crazy stories from backstage:

VD put a live spider into the teachers salt joke he seriously did.

The teen girls were taking some...*cough cough* interesting pictures when in walked a bunch of guys...The best part was we were all in the BOYS DRESSING ROOM hehe

A certain star of our production "Bye Bye Birdie" had very noticeable turn on during one of his solo's....

The musical kids ended up going to Denny's. They all want to be in Play Pro! Its so sad ;)

Play Pro got yelled at for doing a race during intermission, not by our teacher but by the freaking COSTUMER. Yeah weird sh!t....She doesn't even work at our school...

Now there's rumors going around about Play Pro and seriously it makes me happy to be apart of the most notorious clique in our school. Just watch those music kids weep :)

Oh I do like some of them! One of our friends would'nt let us kidnap him because he was drunk as a lepracaun and sitting naked in the middle of a road...

Haha comment away :) Frivolous

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