Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teens have so much ANGST!

What is with the life of a normal high school aged teen? Why is it necessary to be bitchy and catty to people when in reality they really could care less! Sometimes peoples opinions just don't matter. Like now, when people are so stupid that they resort to being jerks to get attention.

Formspring...didn't have anyone posting anything on mine until just recently. Questions like: "why are u so ugly/weird?" and "u should brush ur teeth/ straighten your hair"

Now I tried to answer these civilly but its so annoying when you don't even know whose asking them! People like that should say shit to my face not thinking that asking questions anonymously will keep them safe. I bet I can find out who wrote those questions, people like that always have backstabbing friends who can be bribed to tell their secrets. :) *evil grin* I will not stand for someone trying to be sneaky when really you're just acting like a toddler.

But that's not the worst part! My (sort of) friends boyfriend has been victimized by this person who just wont quit. And their not even insulting HIM! Their insulting HER! This is a new low, at least my haters actually post on my this guy/girl posts shit about how his girlfriend flirts with other guys and how she lies and acts like a slut. Now I'm not gonna say she doesn't exaggerate things but she doesn't flirt like crazy or acts slutty! And even if she did, bring it to HER not her BOYFRIEND.

SO much ANGST!!!!!! Gosh why are teens so annoying? Why cant I just shoot myself to adulthood right now?

OH wait adults are boring thats why.... XD


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