Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is it about critics that make me love them?

Saw this picture and winced like crazy...thats a real tattoo and I bet it hurts a whole dang lot....Then I thought about something, why are people always doing things to out do others? What is it about disagreement that keeps this world going? If the movie was perfect and nobody fought would anyone go see it? Probably not...

This also brought me to why is it that others hate on each other [*cough cough* Formspring.....] It really doesn't make sense to me in my mind. What makes us so angry at each other that we find ways to treat each other horribly? But then make it look like we didn't do anything...Though when people talk about how great someone is you don't really listen. But you do when you hear someone talking trash about the same great person, whether you like them or not. I don't pay attention to the comments on a video or a blog that are nice but read the ones that are designed to be mean. Why is that, I wonder? Why are we more geared to be interested in hate then in love?

Just a random life question that crossed my mind...


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