Saturday, May 22, 2010

Taylor Momsen's Band Reveiw (the pretty reckless)

Have been fascinated by Taylor Momsen the last year or so...after I went to The Veronicas concert in June. They opened for them and I had no idea who she was. Neither did anybody else who was at the concert, but evidently she was someone worth watching. The song above is just a taste of her sound. I like her band and I don't think that she is the only talent in the group. I think shes getting a lot of internet flack for going so hard rock compared to every other teen dream icon but honestly I'd rather listen to her song "Make me Wanna Die" from the Kick Ass movie then listen to Miley Cyrus's "Can't Be Tamed." She's more dedicated to the actual music then the popularity points or so my opinion has become.

If you go to their myspace you can check out their new video. I'm a little disapointed because I just discovered the guy from the band that my friend and I met is totally not in their band anymore...which is to bad...he was cute.


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