Friday, May 21, 2010

Critic of the Critics

I Luuuuuuuve Beyonce. Not just because she's a fantastic signer but she has her own sense of style and sexy-ness. Shes not as awesome as Lady Gaga though she really wants to be....

Beyonce though, just came out with this video. If you have watched it you know shes wearing pin up girl style outfits for the entire video. The Youtube trolls were complaining that she doesnt know how to dress herself. I love fashion and I dislike people that cant dress themselves, but when its obviously a STYLE then it shouldn't be bashed. Its a decent song following what she's been doing with Gaga and I love the rings she wears and her heavy make up. I would wear those clothes too if my boyfriend wouldn't love me!!! Shes sexy and trolls should just understand that if they put those clothes on they would look REALLY bad.


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