Tuesday, June 8, 2010


On the school computer. Seems that I have been doing that a lot recently. I have just decided that now that my plays are over why do I even do any work? Sure, I can finish by the due date, but really? There's no point to even come to school anymore...

The Senior send off is today. They will all sit in the middle of the gym looking as perfect as anybody ever could. What is it about seniors? They always look so perfect! I hope I look like that when I'm a senior. With everyone looking up at me and being the oldest in the school!

I plan on being very mean to the freshman next year, very very mean...

I read the book I love you, You haunt me which was a very artistic read. Written in verse form it reads more like a poem then an actual story. For some reason I liked that. I've written some of my own, sitting in this very uncomfortable Biology chair:


A boy, a sweet one, with curly hair

Talks a lot and I listen

With a smile on my face

A girl, a funny one, with curly hair

Listens but then leaves

With a smile on my face

She says “Maddie, don’t you love me?”

She says “Maddie do you forgive me?”

She says “Maddie, are you listening?”

I say, “Yes”

I say, “Yes”

I say, “No”

With a smile on my face


I click on the video

And listen to the music

It goes bun-buuu-bun-bun

And all I want to hear is


Tambourines and guitars

Drums and beats

So alive for once

Feeling the music like

A bug inside my veins

Crawling up and down

To the music making

Me jitter and twitch in


So that's about it Frivolous

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