Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh. You have GOT to be kidding.

I've wanted to purge my life of all the stress I have congregated since the start of school. And you know what happens? Nothing. I realize now I'm a typical teen-aged high school student. If there is no pressure, nothing will get done. You can see on my hand in the picture I've written "Thomas," my chemistry teacher. That class is kicking my butt. Literally. I totally forgot that we have a lab due tonight at 10 and what do you know. I pull off an amazing lab report if I do say so myself.

So the question I'm posing is, what would life like if someone isn't chronically stressed all the time? I tried to de-stress because of all the hard classes I'm in and the crazy crap I'm putting up with in my own house. But then I'm just to secluded to actually do any work. There has to be that "Oh shit!" moment for me to do ANYTHING.

So really I want to know if anyone actually can function with out that freak mood. It would be helpful if you are also in honors classes, a fashion addict and having fights with your parents on a regular daily basis.

I'm not going to be apologizing for anything posted on this blog and now you can see directly to the girl whose writing it. A lot of blogs out there are only interested in the clothes someones wearing or the fashion shows they go to. But really fashion is not about whose wearing what, or the new collections. Its about whats on your body when you go for a bike ride, when you go see a movie, how you show your feelings to the world. How you wear those clothes and how they make you feel should be tangible to someone whose reading your blog.

Never forget that.
Frivolous xx

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