Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life is Funk.

Warning: Pity Party at the bottom of this page.

I wish my dedication could be split in a million different ways. I wish that I could put every ounce of my effort to everything that I want to. Its rather impossible. The last few weeks have just plain sucked. This blog may as well turn into my diary with all the suckage that has been going on. Can we get high school over with already? Seriously! I'm exhausted just thinking about going back to school tomorrow. I'm exhausting just being at home. Why? Because my family life is just another version of high school. Gossip and opinions and nonstop backstabbing. I just want a life!

I hope people like grainy pictures because my photography skills are pretty much crap but these look ok I guess...

I'm missing my grandmas ring. Which I shouldnt be surprised I'm amazingly good at losing things. It was inevitable. Which makes me even angrier. Oh wide world of the internet! Help me find my ring!



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