Friday, May 7, 2010

Imma be a diet coke addict....

Ahhhh...relatives. Weird strange and some how related to you by blood....yeah I don't get it either. My aunt is a cookie cutter Martha Stewart plush carpet no sticky fingers on the couches type of person but she rides a Harley...a cousin who wishes she lived in the city but is really a country girl in her slightly redneck heart. :)

My bestie and I have determined that despite having boyfriends our hot guy radar is still going strong. That might say something bad about us, but at least we're honest. And honestly the funniest thing is the double take look that says "wait a sec, that could have been a fine piece of man.."

Speaking of relatives and my bestie, she totally tried to set me up with her cousin! I'm not a girl that will cheat on her boyfriend but it was hilarious to talk to a guy 45 minutes away over text when you've never even met him. That must be why dating online sites are so popular...He seems like a good guy friend to have so its all good.

I strictly call my bestie's boyfriend Brody though thats nothing like his actual name. It infuriates her and confuses him so my job is done :)

And now to re-dig myself under the mountainous weight of textbooks oh i can feel my frail back breaking with the weight of the stress :P and no I dont need chivalry


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