Sunday, May 2, 2010

OH the WOES of being unemployed...

Was studying all day today when I finally threw my AP book against the wall and called for an intervention. [my definition of intervention is getting off my bed, where I study, and crawling over to sit at my computer, 3 feet away.]

Once away from the dreary-ness of the Mongols and the Catholic Church, I ventured on the first time. How silly of moi.......

From under five minutes on that site I have found things I covet with a scary passion...these sass and bide leggings for one ----------------------------------------------------->

I hope I'm not the only impoverished teenager that looks at prices on items and has the most depressing urge to ball her eyes out. These leggings make me want to do just that. Its very frightening, not having enough money to afford the clothing that I desire so much. Like a nicotine freak or my brothers crazy stalker. I'm addicted and damn does it suck.

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